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Sunrise Logo (my tcg set) by masterfoskia Sunrise Logo (my tcg set) :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 0 0 Sunrise 10/76 - Foskia's Tyranitar by masterfoskia Sunrise 10/76 - Foskia's Tyranitar :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 8 4 Foskia Promo 01 - Maiden's Peak Gastly by masterfoskia Foskia Promo 01 - Maiden's Peak Gastly :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 4 0 Sunrise 05/76 - Foskia's Lapras by masterfoskia Sunrise 05/76 - Foskia's Lapras :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 6 5 Foskia Promo 02 - Venustoise by masterfoskia Foskia Promo 02 - Venustoise :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 0 0 Custom Pokemon Blanks (Basic, Stage 1, Stage 2) by masterfoskia Custom Pokemon Blanks (Basic, Stage 1, Stage 2) :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 4 6 Brand New Blanks preview! by masterfoskia Brand New Blanks preview! :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 0 2 Sunrise 02/76 - Foskia's Alakazam by masterfoskia Sunrise 02/76 - Foskia's Alakazam :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 7 7 Gym Show 02/11 - Blaine's Rhydon by masterfoskia Gym Show 02/11 - Blaine's Rhydon :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 10 0 Split Pokemon BLANKS  (Basic) by masterfoskia Split Pokemon BLANKS (Basic) :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 8 9 Gym Show 04/11 - Erika's Parasect by masterfoskia Gym Show 04/11 - Erika's Parasect :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 7 4 Gym Show 7/11 - Imakuni?'s Dodrio by masterfoskia Gym Show 7/11 - Imakuni?'s Dodrio :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 8 9 Gym Show 08/11 - Imakuni?'s Doduo by masterfoskia Gym Show 08/11 - Imakuni?'s Doduo :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 5 0 Gym Show 06/11 - Koga's Pidgeot by masterfoskia Gym Show 06/11 - Koga's Pidgeot :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 10 11 Gym Show 10 and 11/11 - Imakuni? by masterfoskia Gym Show 10 and 11/11 - Imakuni? :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 4 5 Gym Show 01/11 - Blaine's Primeape by masterfoskia Gym Show 01/11 - Blaine's Primeape :iconmasterfoskia:masterfoskia 10 2


321 - Wailord by CombotheBeehen 321 - Wailord :iconcombothebeehen:CombotheBeehen 17 13
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masterfoskia's Profile Picture
Call me Foskia
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
REQUESTS ARE OPEN (pkmn cards)

(sorry if i make mistakes)

Hi, i'm master foskia but you can call me whatever you like! lol
I was a pixel artist, drawing only Pokémon sprites (reposes of currently existing Pokémons and Fakemons).
Currently I love to create Pokémon tcg cards!


Ciao, sono master foskia, ma puoi chiamarmi come meglio ti pare! lol
Ero un pixel artist e disegnavo solo sprite di Pokémon (repose di Pokémon già esistenti e Fakemon).
Ora come ora adoro creare carte da gioco di Pokémon!
I'm currently working on a personal tcg set named Sunrise (the symbol is the sun hiding behind the moon). CLICK HERE FOR THE LOGO
It will have some news:

• 1 promotional ancient card
• my own trainer's pokemon (foskia's pokemon)
• double type pokemon symbols and cards, weakness (x2) and resistance (:2) updated
• all types of energies, like poison, ice and rock (excluding fairy) + the new rainbow type (all types at the same type)
• lamincards to put on the relative pokemon that are the same as normal cards but their names have an H in the end and hentai images
• a booster pack containing only energy cards (with special version of the new 7 types)
• weather counters to summon a weather condition
• 1 glitch card of missigno. how did it end up there???

Cardlist: 29/115 done, 65/115 known (click the name to go to the deviation)
1/76 Feraligatr
2/76 Foskia's Alakazam
3/76 Foskia's Ampharos
4/76 Foskia's Houndoom
5/76 Foskia's Lapras
6/76 Foskia's Meganium (coming soon)
7/76 ???
8/76 Foskia's Rhydon
9/76 Foskia's Scizor
10/76 Foskia's Tyranitar
11/76 ???
12/76 Foskia (coming soon)
13/76 Crobat
14/76 ???
15/76 Gengar
16/76 Kingdra
23/76 Croconaw
24/76 ???
25/76 Exeggutor
26/76 ???
27/76 Foskia's Bayleef (coming soon)
28/76 Foskia's Flaaffy
29/76 Foskia's Houndour
30/76 Foskia's Kadabra
32/76 Foskia's Pupitar
33/76 Foskia's Rhyhorn
34/76 Foskia's Scyther
35/76 Golbat
36/76 Haunter
41/76 Seadra
46/76 Exeggcute (coming soon)
47/76 Foskia's Abra
48/76 Foskia's Chikorita (coming soon)
49/76 Foskia's Larvitar
50/76 Foskia's Mareep
51/76 Gastly
52/76 ???
53/76 Horsea
62/76 Totodile
63/76 Zubat
64/76 Foskia (coming soon)
65/76 Rocket's Experiment
ç99!/76 Missigno.
H3/76 Foskia's Ampharos
H4/76 Foskia's Houndoom
H5/76 Foskia's Lapras
H6/76 Foskia's Meganium
H8/76 Foskia's Rhydon
H9/76 Foskia's Scizor
H10/76 Foskia's Tyranitar
Stage-H Token (not considered in the card list)
E3/E26 Double Colorless Energy
E4/E26 Swarm Energy
E8/E26 Freeze Energy
E9/E26 Venom Energy
E10/E26 Stone Energy
E11/E26 Bug Energy
E12/E26 Darkness Energy
E13/E26 Dragon Energy
E14/E26 Fighting Energy
E15/E26 Fire Energy
E16/E26 Flying Energy (coming soon)
E17/E26 Ghost Energy (coming soon)
E18/E26 Grass Energy
E19/E26 Ground Energy (coming soon)
E20/E26 Ice Energy
E21/E26 Lightning Energy
E22/E26 Metal Energy
E23/E26 Poison Energy
E24/E26 Psychic Energy
E25/E26 Rock Energy
E26/E26 Water Energy

LAST UPDATE: 09january2015 12.03am (gmt +1)


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Hyshirey Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Buon compleanno e tanti auguri!!!
masterfoskia Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
grassie :3
TheLugiaMaster249 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Is Wailord your favorite pokemon
masterfoskia Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nope it's sableye (and then female houndoom). but this one is a part of a sprite repose i made a while ago and i like it so much because it look so biiiiiig and stupid lol
TheLugiaMaster249 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Hahaha nice sprite
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